Festival Description


SURPRISE is an international campaign that unites the artistic community and engages art as a way of solving serious social problems.

It is an artAZ art initiative launched in 2009 and since then it has collaborated with more than 2,000 artists from around the world in 9 fairs of festivals.

More than 2,000 Greek and foreign artists have so far offered their works in an effortless way to support the homeless of our city. The initiative was launched in 2009 by the artAZ team and, through the love of the public, became an institution.

The artists create small works that are available at a single, symbolic price (50 €) so that everyone can support the purpose and, by doing so, obtain a valuable souvenir.

What’s the surprise? The artist’s signature is hidden and revealed after the purchase of the work. Those that are interested, are invited to choose projects only with their personal taste. In SURPRISE artists that participate are from all specialties, distinguished and new comers, Greek and international. What unites them is their willingness to make the world more beautiful through their work.

Press Release


The artists create again for the homeless of Athens

Another “SURPRISE”, the 8th in a row, the artistic community is preparing in collaboration with artAZ’s art platform. The established annual report engages art to support homeless people in Athens.

The exhibition will be hosted at Organization Earth K44, Gazi, between October 13th and 15th, 2017.

Hundreds of small works are waiting foryou this year to get to know the social face of Contemporary Art along with the trends and visual trends of the time.

The first stage of the exhibition took place online at “SURPRISE” of artAZ (www.artaz.gr). On the exhibition page you can see the works and note the code numbers of your choice in advance. New projects are added until  last minute. Between 05-08 October 2017, the exhibition will be transferred to the “Organization Earth K44” space, where the sale of the works will take place.

You can view the exhibition’s artworks here:


Αll the money gathered from the sales will be offered to the KLIMAKA’S organization homeless support program.

Watch SURPRISE 8 and share your own story with Social Media through hashtag #ekplixi8.




Access by PWDs, WIFI - Internet, Cafe, Free Parking, Bathrooms WC, Car, Bus, Metro




Opening hours:

Exhibition Opening Friday 13/10: 20.00

Saturday 14/10  & Sunday 15/10: 12.00 – 20.00